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Music in the Chautauqua Tent

Back by popular demand, Smith Studio Jazz will be performing Saturday at 11:30 in the Chautauqua Tent across from the birthplace cottage, prior to the Hoover Life Ceremony.

Last year they entertained us with a mix of swing tunes and big band arrangements to honor the life and times of Herbert Hoover. Take a trip down memory lane, check out the exhibitions in the park, and enjoy some music on Saturday this year!

Chautauqua Tent

The National Park Service and Hoover Presidential Foundation are once again bringing back the Chautauqua Tent!  Located across from the Birthplace Cottage, the tent features fun and educational programming for all ages.

Historical reenactments have been a standard feature of the Hoover’s Hometown Days Chautauqua Tent and this summer will be no exception. We’ll be welcoming back Theodore Roosevelt — as performed by Adam Lindquist! Teddy Roosevelt himself was a huge proponent of not only National Parks, but also the Chautauqua Movement, which he called “the most American thing in America. ” There’s no better venue to check out Adam’s program! Come see him at 1:30pm on Saturday, August 3rd.

Vintage Music

Another new act to Hoover’s Hometown Days, VINTAGE is a four-piece band that performs a fun mix of American classic rock and British invasion favorites. You’ll recognize the 3- and 4-part harmonies of their extensive catalog of Beatles and Eagles songs, as well as other 60s and 70s hits — and some hidden gems you probably haven’t heard in a long time.

Bring the family by the Main Street Stage Saturday at 2pm to dance and sing along!

Check out their website for a song list and some samples of what you can expect.